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Benji came into our rescue in August of 2015. He was picked up by the local ACO who located his owner only to be told "she didn't want him back". Thankfully the ACO asked PADR to take him in or we would never had the pleasure of meeting sweet Benji. Benji came to us with an inoperable tumor. Not knowing how long he would be with us due to his health we placed him in our sanctuary program. We believe Benji would have turned 12 this year, although we don't know the quality of his first 11+/- years of life, we know his last 7 months were filled with love, fun and adventure and for that we thank his foster family. Benji quickly became part of the Rawlings family and took a special liking to his foster sister and BFF Kylie. If Kylie wasn't home for an extended period of time, Benji would mope around the house and refuse to eat. In this picture, he was watching her as she walked to the laundry room. If she was home, he wasn't too far away. His foster mom Rachel held him until he crossed the bridge, as she said "It's the most important part of rescue..........being there when they need you the most".


In late September 2015, we  had the privilege to bring a 16 year young senior “PD” into our rescue to spend the rest of his days showered with love in a safe comfortable environment after being surrendered to  a shelter in CT. What we did not expect is to fall in love so quickly with this easy going pup with tail wagging nonstop and all the reason in the world to dislike people after years of giving love and companionship to the very people that would one day discard him.  PD passed away three weeks later in his sleep, in his comfy bed with his blanky.   We are very happy to have known this wonderful soul if only for 3 weeks.

RIP “PD” you will always have a place in our hearts….

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