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JoJo is approximately between the ages of 17 and 20 years of age and is currently a sanctuary here at PADR.  He is deaf and frail  at a little over 6 pounds, and  you would be hard pressed to find a sweeter pup.     He came to us in 2017 as an owner surrender.  He had not seen a vet in 8 years, was not neutered and had one of the worse case of dental disease that we have seen.   We had him neutered, brought him up to date on his shots and gave him a dental.   His vet found a oromaxillary fistula during his dental surgery and was unable to close it.  This was of concern, because it went thru his nasal cavity and there was potential of food or water getting into his lungs.  We found a specialist that was willing to help JoJo for a reduced cost and he successfully closed the fistula   After his recovery, JoJo felt like a new man, ....... an old man but still better than he had in years.  He remains in our sanctuary program,  loving life with his sanctuary mom and is known by most of the locals..............all that meet him,  love him. 





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