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Simon and Sophie's Sponsorship Page
Simon and Sophie


Simon says:  Please adopt me and my sister Sophie. 

We love each other and need to stay together.  We are affectionately known as "The Littles".  We are approximately 14 years old, still have plenty of Spunk and are very easy to live with, as long as you don't mind cuddle buddies.  We do well in the potty department as long as you bring us outside as soon as we awake and keep us on a schedule.  We are not wee-pad trained.

I weigh 8.9 pounds and have beautiful dark eyes that can make you melt.  I do require a monthly Vitamin B12 shot and 6 tablets of Pancreplus daily.  Pancreplus is available with a prescription at for approximately 14 cents per tablet/$26 a month.   

Sophie weights 7.8 pounds and is as cute as a button.   She also requires a daily med, also available at by prescription.  She requires one table of Nutramax-Denamarin daily at an approximate cost of $26/month. 

We are looking for a home where our alone time is minimal due to Sophie's separation anxiety and our love of the lap.  We do great with out dogs, but we prefer humans for companionship.

Simon will have his dental mid-January and then he and Sophie will be able to go to their forever home.  Apply Now at:


Adoption Fee:  $250.00 for both

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