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Gizmo is a 14 y/o rat terrier/chihuahua mix (best guess) who has diabetes insipidus (DI). DI is not diabetes as you know it, it’s actually a metabolic condition that effects his kidney function. His DI is well managed with his medication, which is simply a pill that is crushed into his prescription dog food.
As part of our sanctuary program, we will pay for Gizmo’s medical expenses and prescription food for the remainder of his life. This is a great opportunity for someone who would love the companionship of a dog but has a limited income.
Gizmo is not apartment or condo appropriate because he can be vocal at times. He also needs someone with a strong personality that can handle an alpha male. Initially, he will try to push boundaries but will settle in once he understands that his human is the alpha.
Gizmo is a goofy and sweet boy who loves to play with toys, go for walks, chomp on bully sticks and ride in cars. He’s got plenty of energy and enjoys other dogs, cats and kids.
If you’re interested in becoming Gizmo’s sanctuary home, please complete an app at:




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