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  In late September 2015, we had the privilege to bring a 16 year young senior “P.D.” into our rescue to spend the rest of his days showered with love in a safe comfortable environment after being surrendered to  a shelter in CT. What we did not expect is to fall in love so quickly with this easy going pup with tail wagging nonstop and all the reason in the world to dislike people after years of giving love and companionship to the very people that would one day discard him.  P.D. passed away three weeks later in his sleep, in his comfy bed with his blanky. We are very happy to have known this wonderful soul if only for 3 weeks.

To honor P.D. we have started the Friends of P.D. Sponsorship Program.  P.D.’s gentle spirit will be preserved in this fund, helping to care for the dogs who deserve their chance to spend their remaining time in a loving home.


We know that not everyone can foster or adopt a dog for one reason or another. We also know there are many people who would still love to be able to help a homeless dog. PADR takes in many long-term foster dogs. Some need help more than others and sometimes PADR needs assistance to help them. You can make a difference in a rescued dogs’ life by becoming a "Friend of P.D".

As a Friend of P.D., you select a dog listed on our website that you would like to help. You can set up a one-time donation or a reoccurring monthly donation to help support your dog until he/she is adopted. Once the dog is adopted, you will be notified and you can decide if you would like to be a Friend to another needy pup. There is no long-term obligation to being a Friend of P.D.

In addition to knowing that your monthly contribution helps us provide care for your sponsored dog until adoption or year-round care for all of the special needs animals in our care,  Friends of P.D. will receive a personalized "Friends of P.D."  Certificate and regular pet updates – via email, allowing you to track the progress of your pup.

All donations are 100% deductible.

Please click P.D. below to view our available Friends of P.D. candidates.


Friends of P.D. Sponsorships make great gifts.

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